Sunday, February 17, 2013

"you are strong" by carrie hart

"You are strong"

Today, I wish to tell you of your strength. You are very strong. You are powerful and full of talent and capability. You have all of the strength that you need to handle what is flowing toward you in life. All of the challenges, all of the obstacles to be overcome. You can handle all of it.

And the thing to know about your strength is this: the more you face your challenges and respond to them, the stronger you will become. The more you hide from them, the weaker you will become.

First, believe. Believe that you are capable of handling your life. Feeling the victim is very disempowering. When you begin to feel sorry for yourself and fall into a pattern of blame, blaming circumstances, other people or even yourself, you are giving away your strength.

Strength lies in responsibility. Take a look at what life holds in this moment. Take a clear and calm look, not full of blame and bitterness and certainly not full of fear or doubt. Just a calm, cool assessment. This is how things are today. And then, take a deep breath and act, act out of a deep conviction which you feel inside, out of the center of truth and peace which resides within.

It takes courage to directly deal with life, to accept what is without anger or blame and then set about doing what you need to do. But every time you fill yourself with courage and act, you will grow stronger, and then it becomes easier and easier to be the strong and capable person you truly are.

Every time you pretend, every time you deny what truly is, every time you run and hide from what has come your way, you grow weaker. But even then, even if you have done this in the past, it is not too late. You still have within you the power and strength you need to do what you must do. It is never too late to show the world who you are.

It is never too late for courageous action and truth, never too late to correct your direction. You are enough for your life, and you are surrounded by help. And when you look at life in the clear light ofday and choose courageous and honest action, all of the energy around you becomes charged and aligns itself with you. Your truth reaches up into the greatest power that exists and empowers you to act upon it, fully and nobly.

You are strong.

Here is a little prayer for today

Today, I feel courage running through my body. I am full of power and it surges through me.

Today, my eyes and my mind are clear and calm. I see life for what it is right now and I feel the flow; I am a deep part of all that is.

I embrace this moment right now, fully and completely. I embrace who I am and where I am, exactly as things are. I feel my own strength growing as I acknowledge my place in the world and reach down into my own personal truth for the rightness which is there.

I am strong. I am powerful. I am full of truth. I am.

***by carrie hart