Sunday, February 17, 2013

it's all about the motion

How do you hold steady as a wild human? People who live in a state of relative motion, living on the road as they seek out a home base, are aware of the need to hold steady amidst constant change. But even rock solid lives are besieged with transitions these days, and even stable people need to stay steady. These transitions in our personal lives are connected with transitions in play on a planetary scale, as habitats, weather patterns, animal species and entire ecosystems are on the move. Even the trees themselves are on the road as their seedlings take root ever farther north, chasing the climates that soothe their souls.

How do you as a wild human hold steady, when your soul is on the move, seeking home and stability? I'm not just speaking of geographical motion, but also of economic, political and even spiritual motion, as we stare into the gnarley eyes of collapse all around, and as we play our hands, with each new card dealt holding the possibility of volatile change. A lot of shuffling and stirring these days. Me oh my. None of this motion is like a simple move in a U-haul, no no, this is vague and looming and crunchy with uncertainty.

There is a lot going on "out there", as well as "in here" that could cause one a lot of distress...Where is all of this going? Are we doomed as a species? What happens when the last penguin boards the bus to oblivion? Is the last human next? I know these are heavy questions, but even the corporate mass media, always rushing to capitalize on the latest fears, are asking some pretty heavy questions of late.

I think that the gift is right there within the curse. We can do numerous things with our fears, doubts and concerns--feel anger, resentment, or hopelessness- -but I propose that as wild humans we go into appreciation, gratitude and wonder about the complexity of what it takes to pull off all the shifting that's going on. Just one small example could be all the beauties, problems, and complexities of the Rainbow Family on all levels. We could get angry and resentful about cop interference, persecution from all directions, stuff like A-camp and wrecking crews, etc. Or we can feel gratitude for the Rainbow Family itself, and appreciate it for all that it is, and feel wonderment at the incredible counterculture that it is.

If it is all about the motion--keeping life and spirit in motion while holding our souls steady through the changes so that we don't deconstruct- -and if movement permeates our existence on all levels--then we as wild humans can instigate movement into what we'd prefer to experience. And we CAN take the shortest path, though not usually the path of least resistance. When we are beset by bad feelings about facing this world as it is and is becoming, then we can allow ourselves to be moved by those very feelings into GRACE.

Grace is a very powerful state to be in. I also call it being in the flow. Have you taken your daily dose of Vitamin Be Here Now??? It requires blind faith sometimes, and acting "as if" it will all work out, even when you know that is not possible. Grace is dynamic--everchangi ng--,and supportive of hope, and urging to all of life to create and to move forward. Grace is the flow of energy and events that mediates between our immaturity and our power, like when we drive on "autopilot" while high and while talking on a cell phone and not crashing. Grace, wild human grace, is what carries the motion of our lives forward through our personal and sociocultural evolutions. It's an energy and an attitude we carry with us whenever we can remember to. I sometimes think of it as Jedi Mind Tricks.

We have often heard that the journey IS the destination, and the ends ARE the means, but how do we apply that to the drone of our daily, to-do-list oriented lives, with our goals and unfinished projects and so forth and so on? There is definitely joy in a sense of completion and accomplishment, but the joy is so much fuller when each moment has an opportunity to reflect it.

It's often hard to remember, but each moment of life is complete, in and of itself. Each moment reflects a blip on the heartbeat screen of creation. It glows with the possibility of living in the sanity and beauty we know is on the tips of our souls. We don't usually see the next blip coming, but it comes, packing another shining opportunity. If that last moment we went through fell apart into fear or anger or self-loathing, well here comes another chance to acknowledge grace and being here now, as we flow into the next moment.

What did you create in the moment you just experienced, if anything? It doesn't matter what the label for it is--a grassroots movement, a hippie music festival, caring for a child or parent. What matters is that we do trust the flow and the grace to carry us forward into each proceeding moment, each sacred, joyful, annoying, persistent, brilliant moment as it flows one after another. Do you broadcast vibes of stress or peace? Hatred or tolerance? Opposition or connection? Unconsciousness or awareness?

Generate a world you know is possible through what you as a wild human create in this moment. When you miss a moment or two, its ok, you can return to wild human awareness in the next moment. It's all about the motion, the flow, the dance of life.

There is where the strength and the magic reside, to hold all the questions and answers, the mysteries and wonders, the doubts and the facts, that hurtle us ever forward into the unknown.