Sunday, February 17, 2013

be blessed and be blissed

"in the bubble of present-moment bliss".

This is not the final destination, not for me. It is a stop along the way. I will eventually move on, and when I do, I might not make it back here again. Or maybe I will be blessed to stop here again, on a different pilgrimage around Turtle Island (North America).

Either way, this moment right now is what is happening. It's where it's at. I slowly look around, and I see every plant as uniquely and distinctly alive. I hear a soft whooshing, like the whisper of God. I hear rhythmic, melodic bird songs. I see moss on trees that has been growing for many decades. I feel enveloped in a giant bubble of present-moment bliss. Nothing and yet everything exists outside this moment, this time-stroke, at this crossroads where I am sitting and meditating.

As life goes further along, I find myself falling under frequent reveries, spells of meditation, where I sit down and absorb the full, sweet-tart awareness of life. I follow my thoughts like a child exploring a stream. I totally tune in to the surrounding sounds and movements, the scents in the air. I don't do drugs or drink. It's just a natural thing that happens when I sit still and focus on grounding and centering myself in who I truly am. 
My life has moved on and moved on and moved on, over and over again in recent years. I will not lay down roots for the rest of my life...yet.I can tell the journey will continue. So I will visit other stops along the way, and enjoy each one to the fullest in the present moment, and the moments will collect and flow like a river. A beautiful river, the river of your life, 
if you can stay in the flow that is right for who you are, and stay aware in the present moment.

In the moment, the present moment, the silence I first encounter and the lack of electronic stimulation is strong in my awareness. Gradually, I realize what I've been tuning out, as the space fills up with all those sounds that I usually tune out. Not to mention bird song and wind, I can also hear many other sounds that come together like a symphony or a jam rock solo. Space...or the voice of God?

I look around at my life, at where I am actually sitting, and I think about all the places I've been in life. Some I've called home, others just a way station along the way. Is this the nexus of my journey? I think about the impermanence of it all, yet what remains permanent is my soul, the part of me that flows along, observing and interrelating. 

I like to appreciate where I am and who I meet, right in the moment that I am there, because many times I have experienced sudden endings and movings, and then the person or place is seemingly out of reach forever. But if you love it to the fullest, it becomes part of you somehow, and then you can enjoy it whenever you recall it, by reminiscing and 
honoring the past in your celebration of the present moment.

I also remember to give thanks and feel gratitude. It makes everything sweeter, even if I need a few minutes to get over some disappointment or anger. After I get over it, I come back to my Center, and focus on gratitude. These things make the journey a lot more blessed.