Thursday, January 17, 2013

who we are and what we do

What is a Wild Human?

A Wild Human is a spirited person who has chosen to revert to and reclaim their authentic human nature, by refusing to be fully domesticated, by living adventurously and creatively, and by being willing to explore outside the bounds of mainstream dictates. Wild Humans like to build bridges between traditional and contemporary human life ways (for example by learning both wilderness and urban survival skills), to search for personal empowerment, to build grassroots community by loving our Mother Earth while feeding our brothers and sisters, and by going on capers and adventures of our own wild designs.

What is the Wild Human Initiative?

The Wild Human Initiative represents a growing movement to reclaim our natural humanity, with all the blessings and blemishes that come with it. This movement seeks to provide each other and everyone with opportunities to experience once again what it truly means to be human. The members of this movement believe we can only know what it means to be human by living in a context of community, whether online or by living together in place and space. This movement seeks to create viable Wild Human communities from Coast to Coast and continent to continent. This is a movement focused on empowerment and transformation, by working with what is real and by living in ways we find magical. Thus, we took our own Wild Human initiative and launched this grassroots nonprofit to represent that movement, to promote, advocate, and spread Wild Humanism to every heart wanting to know about it and be part of it.